A1. Extended Vocal Version

B1. Sunshine's Soul Mix

B2. Love Version


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Pre orders are open now, and will be open for the next few of weeks, or until we determine the quantity to produce (whichever comes first.) Once we instruct the press, pre orders will be closed and from there we would encourage you to buy this record form your local record store.


The price for pre ordering is $12 USD - with a suggested retail price of $12-14 upon release.
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Unless you're super stoked to get your hands on this first, then I would wait and score the single locally because we are hoping to offer the records in Europe at domestic prices.




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All songs written, performed & produced 2017 in San Francisco by Sunshine Jones
The recordings were mastered for production by Sean Brennan-Luvworks at the Record Plant in New York City.
The recordings are published by little BUG music/BMI and the entire production is © 2017 THE URGENCY OF CHANGE - all rights reserved


Hey DJ! if you've purchased the record, and you want a WAV version of this recording for your club set, please get in touch with us and we will hook you up.


Intellijel 7U Performance Case for Eurorack Modular, Dixie II+, Dual ADSR, Quad VCA, μMidi, Triatt, Mutamix, Digitank, NoiseTools, Audio i/o. Mutable Instruments Yarns, Clouds. Bubblesound DiOD. ALM Busycircuits Pamela's NEW Workout. Doepfer A-111-3 μpVCO, A-124 VCF5. Erica Synths Pico Drums, Grayscale Modular Algorhythm. Roland TR-8, Demora, Scooper, JU-06, JP-08, jx-03. Elektron Octatrack, Electro-Harmonix Cathedral Reverb, Squarp Pyramid Sequencer. LP congas, egg shaker, CP Djembe, and Sennheiser Microphones.


No computers were harmed (or used) in the writing, performing, production or mastering of this superb recording. It was produced using the play live! method of live improvisational electronic music production.
Stick it to the man. all power to the people. never fall in line.


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